About us


Tradition, love and care.

The Beach Club Bagno Pinocchio was bought by my father in 1954, it was called Bagno Tenenti: he renamed it "Pinocchio". He dedicated it to me, my sister Alberta and my brother Gianni: his children. During those years the "Garden City" was not there; in Via Zara there was only "Pietrolle" (a hut restaurant nearby the today's newsstand) and in Viale Michelangelo there were just four or five villas. The Beach Club Bagno Pinocchio used to have only seven umbrellas. Guests began to arrive in the 60s and some of them are still with us. Our mother Liliana led "Pinocchio" until a few years ago, then, because of her age, she asked me to help and I accepted with great enthusiasm. Beach Club Bagno Pinocchio continues the tradition of the Viareggio Beach Club offering quality, simplicity and sobriety to clients and families with children.


our purpose

Our idea is to make you spend a great summer in a serene environment which will give you pleasant memories. For this reason we try to improve us year after year, following the professionalism and the dedication of those who came before us.